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Our Story

Photo Credits: Photography by Janna

Hi there! My name is Emma Kenmuir and I am the designer and silversmith behind Ferncove Designs. You can find me spending time with my family and friends or working away in my little studio in my hometown of Terrace, British Columbia.

I was introduced to silversmithing in 2020 while I was living in Victoria, studying French and Physical Health & Education at The University of Victoria.

I had accidentally lost a ring and wondered if I could remake it (what are the odds?). This led me to a weekend jewellery workshop at Argentum Jewellery School (now known as Stairway Studio) in downtown Victoria. I’m always excited to try new things and I have a huge appreciation for all art forms, so it was a no brainer!


After a couple of years of self-directed learning and sharing my pieces with those close to me, I wanted to share my art with more people, so Ferncove Designs was created.

The name Ferncove Designs holds a special place in my heart. The fern represents the beauty of my hometown and it symbolizes my father and our mutual love for ferns and the beautiful place we call home. Cove is my mother’s maiden name and she owns The Cove Boutique, where Ferncove Designs resides year-round.

I take great pride in carefully crafting and designing each piece, drawing inspiration from nature and friends. Simple pieces of wire are transformed into rings, and sheets of metal into earrings and pendants. I love working with people to create unique pieces that they will cherish for years to come.

ferncove (6.5 × 6.5 cm).png
IMG_4212 2.HEIC
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